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Our Tax Accountant Online Services

We offer a range of service options designed to meet each individual’s need. We have a budget online package starting from $100. For most customers, our Premium Service Package provides all you need to complete and lodge your tax return. Both services includes an ATO portal checking service, enabling us to access the ATO database to check and confirm specific tax information on your behalf. Our Premium Service provides a face to face consultation with an experienced, qualified tax agent to discuss your return, answer questions and provide advice regarding possible deductions and rebates. Whichever option you choose, rest assured that your tax return has been reviewed by a tax agent before being lodged with the ATO.

Budget Plan

Our Budget Option delivers comprehensive online tax return preparation, review, lodgement and support service all for a FIXED, affordable tax-deductible fee.

Our low-cost fees are:

  • $100 for all individual tax returns
  • PAYG payment summaries included
  • standard tax deductions are included

Every return is reviewed by a highly qualified tax agent before it is lodged with the ATO. Plus, you can utilise our support services any time during the year.

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Premium: Tax Agent Consultation

If you’re looking for even more comfort, or a chance to chat with a tax agent before your return is lodged, then our Premium Service is for you. This includes a 20 minute Tax Agent Consultation Session with an expert agent. You can choose a face to face consultation or a consultation over the phone. We also have after hours consultations available. As an experienced tax agent we will:

  • Review the return with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Provide advice to maximise your tax deductions.
  • Check and confirm information against your ATO Portal report.
  • Provide tips and advice, making future tax returns easier.

Statistics show the additional $10 fee for the premium service is money well spent, with the fee regularly offset by an improved tax outcome. Also remember our fees are tax deductible.

If you’ve been searching for an experienced, professionally qualified, transparent accountant to take care of all your online tax return needs, then contact Mark Your Tax Accountant today:

ATO Portal Check

Not sure how to find Centrelink payment details (such as Newstart), interest income received in your bank accounts, dividends received from shareholdings, or your HECS/HELP debt balance?

If ‘Yes’, then use the service of Mark Your Tax Accountant. We will log into the ATO portal on your behalf to confirm all available ATO data. We will correct your tax return information where required before it’s lodged with the ATO to ensure it is accurate.

Six Great Reasons to Choose Us

  1. Comfort that an experienced, professional tax agent checks every return before its lodged with the ATO.

  2. Access to professional, experienced, qualified, transparent accountant who will answer all your questions and provide jargon-free advice.

  3. Convenient everything can be done online via e-mail. It is fast and simple. Tax information can be provided in 5 minutes from the comfort of your home or office.

  4. Affordable, fixed price fee (which is completely tax deductible).

  5. Tax refunds within 10 to 14 days from lodgement (subject to ATO processing).

  6. Safe, secure, ATO-approved software that is operated with absolute integrity.

If you’ve been searching for an experienced, professionally qualified, transparent accountant to take care of all your online tax return needs, then contact the friendly team at Mark Your Tax Accountant today:

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