Tax Deduction For Nurses.

As a nurse you might make purchases that are workrelated and can result in a valid tax refund. Below some examples to get the most out of your tax return. I don’t recommend to claim your netflix for keeping your knowledge up to date!

  • Work Uniform: You can claim your uniforms with a logo and laundering expenses for those items.
  • AHPRA and other memberships and union fees.
  • Stationery: This includes diaries, planners, log books, workbooks, computer stationery etc.
  • Computer/Laptop: If you have to use your personal computer or laptop for work, you can claim depreciation costs for these items (based on a percentage of legitimate work-related use) as well as the related internet use
  • Mobile phone: You can claim a percentage of your mobile phone bill if you use your mobile for work related phone calls.
  • Subscriptions: Subscriptions to keep your knowledge current can be claimed.
  • Home office expenses: You can claim costs for the time you work from home.